AutoBonus Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions
In these Terms and Conditions ‘GLSB’ means Goodway Loyalty Sdn. Bhd., while ‘AutoBonus’ is the customer rewards programme run by GLSB. ‘Gifts’ are defined as the goods and/or services offered to Members in exchange for Points. ‘Member’ means a Customer agrees to participate in the programme and receives Points by purchasing qualifying goods from Partner Companies and so qualifies for Gifts. ‘Partners’ are all companies who supply qualifying goods in respect of which Points will be credited under the programme. ‘Suppliers’ means Gifts provider that are engaged by GLSB to supply the Gifts.

Membership of AutoBonus is free. All customers of Partners are eligible to join the programme and must agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, as varied from time to time.
Members will provide information on a registration form (such as company registration number, company name, participant’s name, address, contact numbers and email address).
GLSB may refuse an application for Membership and reserves the right not to disclose the reasons for such refusal.
GLSB may terminate a Membership without notice and for any reason, including if the Member fails to comply with these Terms and Conditions:
• Supplies any misleading information or makes any misrepresentations to GLSB or to any Partner in connection with AutoBonus; or
• Abuses any privilege accorded to the Member under the programme; or
• Engages in any fraudulent activities under the programme; or
• Is deceased or is declared a bankrupt; or
• Displays inappropriate behaviour against any member of GLSB staff
Termination of Membership will result in forfeiture of remaining Points in a Member’s Account.
Any tax arising from a Member’s participation in the programme is the responsibility of the Member.

3. Collecting Points
Points will be recorded in a Member’s Account, for purchases by the Member of qualifying goods from Partners SUBJECT ALWAYS TO GLSB’s right to appoint selected Partners to offer Points to Members as part of any promotional and incentive programs. Points may also be recorded in a Member’s Account in relation to promotional and incentive programs. Changes in Partners, the Points issuance rate and the offers, may be made without prior notification to Members.
Members can refer to the GLSB website at to view the list of Partners

Points cannot be redeemed until credited to the AutoBonus Account of the Member. Points will be recorded in the Member’s Account only after the Partner has notified GLSB of the details of the relevant transaction.

4. Redeeming Gifts
Only Member with sufficient Points is eligible to redeem. Redemption orders once accepted by GLSB cannot be revoked, cancelled, returned or exchanged, and the affected Points will not be reinstated. GLSB gives no warranty with respect to the quality of the Gifts. Members may liaise directly with the Supplier according to the warranty awarded.

5. Delivery of Gifts
GLSB will deliver the redeemed Gifts to Members within 2 to 4 weeks upon receiving the redemption request. Gifts will be delivered to the Member’s address in GLSB’s record. GLSB will not deliver to PO Box addresses and addresses outside Malaysia. Delivery of Gifts will be made to the address as specified by the Member, or to the occupants at the delivery address, and where such address is an office, to any office staff. Such acknowledgment shall be deemed to be the acknowledgment of the Member.
Members are advised to examine all Gifts upon receipt. If a Member finds the Gift item faulty/damaged, he/she is requested to contact GLSB’s Member Services Centre within 3 days from receipt date. Any disputes after 3 days will not be entertained and Members will be required to liaise directly with the respective Suppliers according to the warranty information.
All Gifts delivered do not include installation cost – any installation cost incurred will be borne by Members.
GLSB will impose a separate delivery charges or, where appropriate, deduct a set number of Points to account for delivery charges under the following circumstances:
• Delivery to East Malaysia; or
• Re-delivery of Gifts that have been returned as a result of being unclaimed; or
• Re-delivery of Gifts that have been returned under the following circumstances i.e. incomplete address, PO Box addresses, non-Malaysian addresses, person has shifted, no such person or for any other failed delivery reasons; or
• Urgent delivery (less than 2 weeks from process date)
All Gifts are to be delivered by GLSB. In the event a Gift was collected by the Member, GLSB will not refund any delivery charges nor reinstate Points that have been deducted for delivery.
All Gifts unclaimed after 2 months from the redemption date will be deemed as forfeited. Points used will not be reinstated. It is the Member’s responsibility to contact GLSB if the Gift has not been received after 1 month from request.
All Gifts are subject to availability. Once redeemed, these Gifts cannot be revoked, cancelled, returned or exchanged, and Points will not be reinstated. GLSB reserves the right to adjust the Points required for redemption of Gifts, as well as replacing any Gifts with other item of approximate equivalent value without prior notice. GLSB reserves the right to refuse the redemption of any Gifts or recall the redeemed item if GLSB has any reason to suspect the Points were fraudulently accumulated by the Member or wrongly recorded.

6. Deduction of Points
The number of Points published for a Gift claimed by a Member will be deducted from the Points balance of the Member’s Account.
GLSB may also deduct Points in a Member’s Account, given the following circumstances:
• Any Points that have reached the limited times of 2 Years counting from the imported date. Members can check more details in their account page.
• Any Points suspected to be fraudulently recorded; or
• Any Points recorded in error; or
• Any Points relating to a transaction which is cancelled
GLSB reserves the right to deduct such Points as stated above without notifying the Member.

7. Policy on Personal Data
Members shall ensure that all personal data provided to GLSB is accurate and that GLSB is kept updated of any change in their details.
Data supplied by Member, may be used by GLSB in order to:
• process the application
• establish Member’s identity
• operate the Member’s account(s)
• facilitate access to and use of the website
• confirm, update and enhance Members’ records
• monitor volume and spend information
• conduct market research and statistical analysis
• identify and (if possible) prevent fraud
• communicate with Members
• reply to Member’s enquiries made
• fulfill Members’ requests including redemption requests
GLSB may ask for additional information, to help improve services to Members, to create more opportunities for Members to enjoy the programme, to follow up with Members for feedback.

8. General
Points cannot be sold or transferred or otherwise dealt with except in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. Points have no cash or monetary value. GLSB may, at its absolute discretion, allow the transfer of Points under certain exceptional circumstances.
GLSB may change, at any time and without prior notice, the Gift offers and/or the Partners. GLSB may make that change even if it has the effect of reducing or extinguishing the number or value of any existing or future Points. GLSB will attempt to notify Members of any changes. GLSB may also change, at any time and without prior notice, the qualifying goods and/or the number of Points, which Members will receive for purchasing such goods.
In the event where there is a discrepancy in communication to Members using the Bahasa Malaysia or Mandarin languages, the English version will prevail.
GLSB is not liable under the following circumstances:-
• Any unauthorized redemption of Points
• Any unauthorized use of Points or unauthorized sale of Points
• Any loss, theft or damage to any Gift in the course of delivery
• the Gift Any Gift not being available for any reason
• Any failure by the Supplier to meet the Terms and Conditions to supply
• Any failure to notify Members of any changes in these Terms and Conditions, the Gift offered, Partners, qualifying goods and services and/or the number of Points which will be recorded for the purchase of qualifying goods and services
• The suspension and/or termination of the programme
• Any technical failure of system, including AutoBonus’s website which may impede a Member’s transaction.